Product Development

Stay ahead of the competition with a team dedicated to keeping your firm on track with new products.
Developing new products as consumer trends change provides an opportunity to remain in front of your customer. 


At Worldwide Warranty Consulting, LLC., our experience crosses over a variety of products from consumer electronics to automobiles, we can assist in product development to provide your firm with the best in class products that provide great value to the consumer and meets your needs.


Our team has access to Actuarial Services, Underwriting, and Compliance Departments to ensure the new products meet both regulatory and client needs.

Is your firm ready for the new products in the market?


  • 1980’s Microwave ovens and Video Games were new products to the market.

  • 1990’s the desk top Computer pushed the retail market to new highs.

  • In the late 1990’s the cellular phone revolutionized the market again

  • Between 2007 and 2010 the smart phone and Ipads revolutionized the market

  • Currently Electric Automobiles, Drones and the 3-D printers will set the pace in new sales